Friday, September 28, 2007

Week 5 College Picks

Alright, it's been an extremely tiring week for me because of the abundance of school work being placed on my shoulders. But I suppose that's what I signed up for, so we're not complaining here in the Iowa City penthouse but rather looking forward to this weekend to watch the beloved Cubs try to secure a playoff spot. But as an appetizer to what should be a fantastic baseball weekend, I'm going to try to improve on the 4-4 record I had last Saturday picking mostly inter conference college football games. Without further ado, we're going to listen to sweet sound of The Strokes and pick eight very difficult college games.

Record to Date – 23-9, better than all but one Daily Iowan reporter, Diane Hendrickson, who is pacing the field at 26-6.

Indiana @ Iowa – I'm debating whether to watch this game or read my marketing textbook. Using a horseracing analogy, Marketing is currently Secretariat and the Hawkeye game is the field. With this being said, I think the Hawkeyes are probably the safer bet to win, but the big thing in football is that however great your defense is, your offense will eventually have to score points for your team to win. Which is easier said than done for teams like the Chicago Bears and Iowa Hawkeyes with inept offenses.

West Virginia @ South Florida – A fantastic Friday night game on ESPN. It's too bad that Chris Speilman is broadcasting the game, which means that I will be doing something other than watch West Virginia murder the South Florida Bulls. I know, I know, South Florida beat West Virginia last year at West Virginia, but you don't really think that a game with three year starters Pat White and Steve Slaton among others will let this happen again, do you? To answer my own question since this is my blog and not a conversation, no, West Virginia's too good of a team to let that happen twice in a row. That is why I like West Virginia to score over 50 on South Florida and come out victorious.

Cal @ Oregon – This will be the game of the week, guaranteed. Giving myself some dap, something I rarely do, I've been saying since I was eight years old that the two most exciting conferences to watch are the Pac-10 and the SEC, in that order. This statement is no more true than this weekend with the spread attack of Oregon in Eugene against the best precision passing team in the country in California. I could try to break this game down, but I honestly have no idea who is the better team. So, I made my pick based on who has beaten the better team this year and the homefield advantage. I believe that Oregon's defeat of an underrated Michigan team (yes, you heard it here first) trumps Cal's defeat of Tennessee in Berkeley. Plus, I almost chose to attend Oregon and I would like to live their in the future because it looks very nice in the pictures, so that I'm sure somehow subconsciously played a factor.

Alabama @ Florida State – I have a very strong feeling that Alabama is overrated after beating Arkansas. With that being said, I watched the Florida State v. Clemson game earlier this year, and Florida State has absolutely nothing on offense. So, like the Cal @ Oregon game, I've made my decision on the homefield advantage, and I'm going with the Noles.

Michigan State @ Wisconsin – A common theme so far seems to be my recognition of overrated teams and making picks based on homefield advantage. The trend will continue here with a very overrated team, as witnessed in primetime last week against the pitiful Hawkeyes, Wisconsin, will be the pick because they are at Camp Randall in a very close game.

Notre Dame @ Purdue – Notre Dame can't score and can't defend. And in college football, not being able to do those two things is not good.

Clemson @ Georgia Tech – Clemson's two running back system trumps Georgia Tech's one fantastic running back. With that being said, Georgia Tech could easily beat the Tigers, because both teams are very inconsistent and the ACC is overrated as well (keeping up with the theme).

Auburn @ Florida – Supreme talent, speed, and left handed quarterbacking are a few of the many reasons Florida comes out victorious. Just a side note, if Florida wants to run Tim Tebow 27 times like they did last week, that's fine. But they better be praying to God, Jesus, and Allah that Tebow doesn't miss a single quarter in a tight game this whole year, because if he does the Gators will have no shot in hell in winning the national championship

Alright, there's the picks. There are some that are different from the DI reporters, but not many. Either today or tomorrow the NFL picks will be up with a Cubs column possibly coming in the near future. Keyword is possibly. Like I said previously, I've been extremely busy, and I can't make any guarantees.

I am also scurrently developing a business plan for my own website that I hope to launch either over winter, spring, or summer breaks. This site will be exclusively my writing about sports and other things, and I'm going to try to scour the blogging world and bring in some young talented writers to give their opinions on a host of topics in the sporting world. Also, my writings will increase in length and quantity once I have a break from school. So, I'll keep all of the readers I have out there posted (all three of you) on the progress of this business plan and all of the particulars.

Enjoy the games this weekend.



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